Poker Card Suit Wine Stopper

Material: metal
MOQ: 500
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The internationally popular poker suits are Spade, Heart, Diamond, and Club.

As for why use these four patterns as the suits of Poker cards, there are many ways to do it. There are two types of statements that are concentrated:

One said that these four suits represent the four main industries of the society at that time, in which Spade represent spears and symbolize military personnel; Club represent three-leaf flowers, symbolizing agriculture; Diamond represent bricks used by artisans; and Heart represent red hearts, symbolizing pastors .

The other is that these four suits are derived from the ancient European tarot card divination, in which the Spade represent the sword and symbolize justice; Club represent the scepter, symbolizing power; Diamond represent coins, symbolizing wealth; and Heart represent the holy grail, Symbolizes love.

This poker card suit wine stopper has a unique personality and is ideal for gatherings with friends and bars. A whole set of poker cards suits stopper is also excellent as a gift.

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Poker card suit wine stopper


Embossed, debossed, staming, die-casting, printing, engraving, electroplate etc.



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