Metal Cat Wine Stopper

Material: zinc alloy
MOQ: 500
Size: 7.6cm
Weight: 146g
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Product Details

Product introduction

The cat's tail has the function of balancing the body.

It is an important organ for cat that adjusts the position and cooperates with other parts of the body to perform certain actions.

The cat also uses the action of the tail to express certain feelings.

For example, when they ask their host for a snack, the tip of the tail is slightly curved to the side or forward;

if the tail is slammed hard, it means angry;

when the tail has spasmodic activity, it means mostly angry and frightened.

The tail is upright like a flagpole, which means satisfying, safe, and proud.

This is the case with this metal cat wine stopper.

The wine stopper is mainly a squatting cat, but the tail is straight up, as if it is like a successful meal with the owner and then proud of it. There is such a vivid cat that will definitely add a little fun to your wine bottle.

Product Name

Metal Cat wine stopper


Embossed, debossed, staming, die-casting, printing, engraving, electroplate etc.



Product detail

metal cat stopper1

metal cat stopper

Cooperation brand


Product material

material selection


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