Animal Wine Stopper

Material: zinc alloy
size:about 11.2*2cm
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[Material] zinc alloy


Wine stoppers are used to store red wine. Using the principle of vacuuming, the red wine is in a vacuum state to achieve the effect of fresh-keeping storage of red wine.

Air is a friend of wine, but it doesn't last long. Air is a good friend for wine only when you shake the glass and let the wine coming out of the darkness begin to breathe and scent. After that, the air quickly became the killer of the wine, destroying the delicate and delicate taste of the wine. Anything that keeps the air away from the bottle is a good thing for the wine you want to store. Wines are stored for varying lengths, some days, and weeks, but in the end they all turn into vinegar.

Material:zinc alloy

Size:about 11CM


Packaging: OPP bag or custom packaging

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