Custom Logo Bag Hook

The bag hook can be used to hang wallets, handbags, bags and other light items on the table or outdoor ropes, branches, etc. in hotels, restaurants, coffee houses, etc.!
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Custom logo bag hook

Material: zinc alloy

Weight: 45g

The main of the bag hook is made of zinc alloy material, does not rust, and has a black anti-slip pad at the bottom to ensure that the bag is very firm when it is used. The surface can be decorated with various patterns, crystals, diamonds, etc., or the logo of the company can be printed. Gifts are given. It can be folded, does not take up space, and has a diameter of only 4.5cm after folding. 

The bag hook  is small and exquisite, and easy to carry,  It can hang the bag on the edge of the table that is visible, clean, convenient and safe. At the same time, the bag hanger is a good gift, affordable, and the product is very creative. It is a unique and personalized gift. The important thing is practical. More and more people regard it as a Good gifts for female !

When you go out for a date, are you still worried about not having your favorite bag?

1, put on the chair: afraid of crushing the small things inside, and occupying the seat

2, hanging on the back of the chair: afraid of being stolen

3, in the arms: the appearance of eating indecent



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