Thin Face Beauty Detoxification Scraper

Material: metal
Size: customised
Logos: customised
Coating finish: custom
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Product Details

Product Description

Thin face beauty detoxification scraper 

Size: 77*28*12mm as shown in the figure

Product material: zinc alloy (gold-plated outer layer, silver plating, rose-gold chrome, gun color and so on according to customer requirements can be silk-printed. Laser LOGO.)

Gram weight: 29.5 grams

Packing method: opp bag can be packed independently

Functions of crescent mask massage stick:

1. Crescent-shaped design advanced mask stick can be applied evenly, reduce pollution, simple and practical, and save health.

2. Can easily smear the mask evenly, let skin care products take more reasonable and save health.

3. Suitable for mask, mask, instead of finger, reduce pollution.

4. The bottom can be scraped and massaged.

Usage: the design of crescent shape can easily smear the mask evenly, the curved crescent head of the tail is suitable for picking out eye cream, face cream and other skin care products, so that skin care products can be taken more reasonable and save health, also can make scraping massage tools, so that the beauty effect is more outstanding!

Product precautions:Do not push too hard when massaging the eye, cause the eye bruise, press gently


Product Parameter

Sticker Type: beauty instrument
Material: Metal
Size: Customers Required
Logo: Custom
Sample Set Up Time: 7-10 Days

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