Popular Metal Face Massager

Type:Face Massager
Suits the crowd:Adults
Material:100% Natural Jade Stone
Natural Jade Stone Color:Pink/Green/Purple
Metal Color:Gold/Silver
Packing:1pc/gift box
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Product Details

[Quality Care Skin]

Details determine quality and care for skin

-Gold plate frame:24k gilded head show honor.

-Jade roller head:Helps skin absorb face elementsduring facial massage.

-Waterproof metal:Waterproof design and could be used in the bathroom.

NO.5 battery(AA)Bunker:A No.5 battery can be driven and used anytime,anywhere.

-Smooth Surface:Touch and feeling good.

-Battery cover:Turn it on and start vibration.The battery could be replaced.

Metal Face Massager

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Metal Face Massager made in China

Metal Face Massager supplier

Metal Face Massager manufacturer

Metal Face Massager priceface massager

[Product Details]

NameJade Roller Gold Beauty Bar
ColourGold,Rose gold,Silver
JadeAmethyst,rose quartz,jade fenf and green aventurine
MaterialMetal + Jade
WeightAbout 80g
RemarksSize will be slightly wrong,please refer to actual object

[The core technology]

-Strong vibration

High frequency vibration 6,000 times per minute can promote blood circulation quickly,active cells deeply,tighten facial muscles and remove excess fat,so as to achieve the effect of thin face shaping.

-Jade roller stick head

Jade has the characteristics of clearing heat and detoxifying,moisturizing skin and generating muscle,activating blood circulation and dredging collaterals,and being bright and clear.

-Help skin absorption

Helps skin absorb mask or oil or serum better.

-360 Degree Waterproof

24K Gold Electric Beauty Bar is designed with waterproof design.It can be maintined while bathing.It can be used not only for straight body,it is used not only for face slimming,but also to realize your beauty dream.

-New technique

Using nano-24Kpure gold technology,when the jade and stone parts touch the skin,it will produce a variety of energy elements,promote blood circulation,and deeply change skin problems.

[The Jade Roller Suggested Usage]

-Start in the middle of the face and roll outward across the cheeks.

-Move to the eyebrows and roll upward across the forehead.

-Move below the lower lip and roll downward across the chin.

-Use the smaller end for more delicate areas and harder-to-reach places.

-Use the larger end for broad surfaces.

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Name:Bubble Zhong



Factory Add:DaHou TianXin Industrial Zone,XieGang Town,DongGuan City,GuangDong Province,China

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