Lucky Decision Ball

Will it often waste a lot of time because you can't make up your mind? It will tell you what you should do next.
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Lucky decision ball

Fortunately, the decision-making ball mainly uses metal and glass as raw materials, which is in line with the simple style advocated. The most distinctive feature is its unique design, which is amazing when the designer thinks about the infinity of space and experiencing the profoundness of art.

Lucky decision ball use method: help you make decisions with the help of the natural hand, just need to gently rotate the fate ball, it can tell you the next action you should take. Will it often be impossible to make up your mind and waste a lot of time? There are 9 results of ASK MOM, BUY, SELL, GO FOR IT, NO, PRAY, YES, MAYBE, FIRE SOMEONE on the fate.

Size: bottom diameter 5cm

Weight: 0.678g

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Name:Cassie Liu


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