Face-lifting Massager

Face-lifting Massager

Create a super secret weapon for beauty and beauty
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Face-lifting massager

Create a super secret weapon for beauty

Mini wheel face-lifting instrument, designed for face-lifting, rolling body, sitting and slimming.

Thousands of massage balls: Excellent craftsmanship, especially suitable for chin and other parts of the massage, precise contact with the skin, evenly gain more realistic kneading enjoyment.

Ergonomically designed handle: more uniform and more convenient to use.

The 70° V-shaped structure: perfectly fits the human skin. With the ergonomic principle, the handle is tilted forward by 97.3°. When the body line is used, it can be naturally pushed, without being affected by the angle, to achieve professional massage.

Fully waterproof design, can be used together with skin care products to promote better absorption of skin care products.

  • MOQ:1000pcs


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