Brass Tray

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Brass tray

Design concept: Square thick copper plate, simple and elegant concave arc, every detail is in the hands of the craftsman, this product is not sealed, according to the use habits may appear mottled traces of oxidation, like old bronze You can change it freely. If you want to keep the bright Guanze, you can use a scouring pad to gently polish it to restore the surface.

The product is suitable for individual placement, and can be used with other items at will, and the combined effect can present a more outstanding visual style.


Small: 19.2*8.2cm

Medium: 19.2*19.2cm

Large size: 30*20cm

Tips: Because of the light, color, style, the color of the product will have some deviation, please prevail in kind.

This product has a small amount of scratches, but does not affect the appearance and use, please dry it as soon as possible after normal cleaning, keep it dry.

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