Wine Bottle Opener

- Feb 10, 2019-

Kinds PVC Soft Glue bottle opener, not only colorful, soft and hard texture can be, three-dimensional feeling strong, wear-resistant wipe, anti-aging, but also environmental protection non-toxic, non-fading, not afraid of water, feel good.

Is the company, enterprises, units of advertising small gifts, small giveaways of the best choice.

Use Cut open the red wine bottle seal cap and pull out the cork.

In order to drink the wine of the heart.

Structure Wine bottle opener, belongs to the bottle opener tool.

It is mainly composed of (1) handles, (2) foot plugs, (3) short feet inserted and so on. The characteristic is that the upper end of the handle is provided with a handle hole, and the lower end head of the handle is fixed with a foot plug and short feet, and the foot is plugged in and the short feet are inserted into the sheath. It is simple in structure, material saving material, low cost, affordable, easy to use, is a fast opening, safe and convenient to carry the wine bottle opener.