What Is A Badge?

- Mar 25, 2019-

A badge, in short, is a sign that is worn on the body to denote identity, occupation, and honor. It has a long history, the origin of the earliest can be traced back to the Primitive society Clan tribe's totem symbol. And the badge really has the written record, then originates from our country. "War State Policy Zitze" records:  "Qin Fake road Han Weiyi attack." The king of Qi Wei made the Akiko be ... Akiko changed its badge to a Miscellaneous Qin army.

"This is the earliest case of written records in our country. But there is an essential difference between the badge referred to here and the badge in the present sense. It actually refers to the flag. High inducement:  "Emblem, incandescent name also ... Change, so that with the Qin Qi Zhangtong. ".