Usage Of Cufflinks

- May 05, 2019-

How to use cufflinks? A lot of male friends around you know this little thing is cufflinks, and then they will ask. In fact, the cufflinks should be used on a special cufflinks shirt. If the cuff contact with the skin is called A face, the other side is called the B surface, the cuff shirt is the cuff on both sides of the A surface contact with each other, and then connect the cufflinks  "button " part of the needle from the back of the cuff side of the hand, and then from the palm of the hand side of the cuff.

Metal fashion cufflink

With cufflinks, don't lose a cufflinks shirt, and since the cufflinks are expensive, it means choosing a shirt to match the cufflinks can't be too bad. How to use the cufflinks in fact completely look at the personal habits and style to determine.