Three Characteristics Of Metal Keychain

- Oct 31, 2019-

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Faced with the sinister situation of domestic and foreign markets, the key chain manufacturers have only rapid transformation and upgrading, and the transformation of business models is the best choice.

First, the traditional sales model is rapidly shifting to e-commerce.

With the rapid development of online shopping, the new media marketing era of keychain enterprises has arrived, and online sales have become the future development trend. After the 1980s, it has gradually become a mainstream consumer group. At present, China's “post-80s” generation has about 280 million potential consumers, who are the main consumers of online consumption that have grown up with the Internet. Although traditional consumer channels still occupy an important position in keychain jewelry, the change is an irreversible trend, and there will be a format in which traditional channels and e-commerce coexist.

Second, the consumption trend is shifting towards fast fashion.

Fast fashion business is the ideal choice for key chain jewelry to grow rapidly and create performance. In recent years, ZARA, H&M and other foreign fast fashion brands have been attacking the city in the Chinese market. The fast fashion is characterized by fast, fashionable and low price. The potential of the Chinese retail market is huge. The consumer groups in the fast fashion market are the most energetic and fresh youth. The fast new and ultra-low prices are the most attractive to them. Most consumers in China are still in the consumption stage of civilians, and only affordable consumption is suitable for 1.3 billion ordinary people. This has created favorable conditions for the survival and development of fast fashion.

Third, China is in the stage of upgrading fashion consumption.

People shift from survival consumption to enjoyment consumption, and fashion consumption will promote a new round of keychain jewelry consumption boom. The low-key keychain jewelry is gradually declining, the mid-range keychain jewelry is gradually rising, and the keychain jewelry industry must create more famous brands as an urban fashion industry. The traditional backward marketing method must be changed, branding, human culture, environmental protection, and It is the only way for the key chain manufacturers to transform and upgrade and commercial reform.