The Pairing Of Cufflinks

- May 20, 2019-

The use of cufflinks is evident in life. In general, shirt cuff styles using cufflinks are called musketeer cuffs or French cuffs (French pleated sleeves).

The shirt, which is specially designed for cuffs, is usually worn in formal settings, and British senior executives who focus on tailoring will wear the cufflinks to the office.

The cuffs become an important display part of the shirt, and since the cuffs are exposed to show beautiful cuffs, is it necessary for a modern American shirt to be shown with the cuffs of ordinary buttons? Not at all.

noble cufflink -gold

Although the cufflinks are small, but the style is ever-changing, in addition to the traditional round and square, there are water droplets, threads, Chinese knot and other shapes, patterns also have totem, national flag, Taiji, steering wheel, fruit, cartoon, Zodiac, constellation and other kinds, style has elegance, playful, uninhibited and so on, so with cufflinks have great knowledge:

1. Match the cufflinks according to the color of the shirt and dress;

2. Pick and belt buckle, tie clip with color cufflinks;

3. Select the cufflinks according to the style of attending the banquet.

The first thing to talk about is when you should use cufflinks, or you should use a French double-fold shirt that needs to be paired with cufflinks. Strictly speaking, with a formal suit, it should be a French double-fold shirt and use cufflinks. This fastidious is a lot of domestic introduction to the suit wearing the article omission of the place. Why should a formal suit be paired with a cufflinks? Believe  "Shirt cuffs should show the suit cuff slightly " This dress is at least known to the wearer of most suits, but why is there such a rule? If it goes back from history, it's not really the dress code for a suit, It's the dress code of the shirt itself.