Overview Of The Badge

- Mar 30, 2019-

The types of badges are: National Emblem, Party emblem, group emblem, badge, badge, military emblem, Lu Junhei, Navy emblem, Air Force emblem, City emblem, forestry emblem, quarantine emblem, public security emblem, women's Federation emblem, hospital emblem, judicial emblem, tax emblem, criminal police emblem, court emblem, Procuratorate emblem, road emblem, CPPCC emblem, industrial and commercial emblem

Medals, new industrial and commercial emblem, new public security emblem and so on.

Badge making process legend description to do the most of several badge craft, paint, imitation enamel, stamping, some other badge craft: Bite version (etching version), screen printing, Offsctdruckereien, 3D stereoscopic effect and so on.

Paint big picture effect, badge concave part can be on a variety of badge color (our color number is Pantone color), badge raised place can do a variety of gold plating, nickel plating and other electroplating effect (metal color). Paint features: Bright colors, clear lines and crisp, metal material texture, you can use copper or iron as raw materials, including iron paint badge is cheap and good, if your budget is less, choose this one is the most suitable!