New Products: World New Seven Wonders Commemorative Coin Set

- Oct 12, 2019-

The Dongguan area has always been one of the main medals for domestic medals and badges. This type of metal product also includes bookmarks, tie clips, key chains, bottle openers, and the like. Dongguan Best Crafts & Arts Co., Ltd. is such a professional manufacturer of badges and commemorative coins.

What is different today is that for the seven wonders of the world on the commemorative coins, a small box will be able to collect them.

The image of Brazil, must be familiar to everyone, the Rio Olympics, and the 2014 World Cup, can often be seen on television.


Machu Picchu ruins, Peru


Ancient city of Petra, Jordan


Taj Mahal, the full name of the Taj Mahal, is a famous building of the Mughal Empire.


Mexican pyramid


Italian Colosseum


This is not to be specifically stated, the famous Great Wall of China!