New Product Epidemic Door Opener

- Jun 04, 2020-

Hands-Free Copper Key Door Opener Tool is designed to keep you safe by limiting exposure to infected surfaces in day-to-day activities. This brass keychain is great to press elevator buttons, has clean touch and is a hands free door opener.

MADE WITH COPPER – Our anti-touch brass key door opener and stylus is high quality and made with 62% copper.

MULTIPURPOSE DOOR OPENER – Each SKL Product brass key hook hand tool can be used as a sanitary door opener, no touch button pusher tool, keychain tool, keychain stylus, anti touch stick tool or utility tool for touchable surfaces, handles, locks, touchscreens, elevators, ATMs, keypads, light switches, sinks, gas pumps, levers, payment machines, trash bins, bathrooms and more

COMPACT, DURABLE & Easy TO USE – This edc key, 97% copper keychain can be used to handle tools and touch buttons safely and features slightly rounded edges in the finger slot for utmost comfort. Note this zero touch smart key tool is smaller than a credit card with measurements of 72*33mm