Material Classification Of Keychain

- Mar 15, 2019-

PVC Soft Glue key buckle also known as drop glue key buckle, soft glue key buckle, glue key buckle, trace key buckle.

1). With PVC Korean materials, DINP oil, KM31 powder is environmentally friendly PVC, by not containing phthalate {phthalates (or esters)} certification. Soft glue PVC Products (micro-injection) using imported raw materials, scientific formula unique process production, are used in the world's popular non-toxic PVC soft adhesive materials made, the use of imported raw materials, scientific formula unique process production, product quality through the European Toy Safety standards EN71-1, EN71-2, EN71-3. (Products sell well in Europe and the US market).

Key buckle part can be used key ring, according to customer requirements to produce different shape size and specifications, printable enterprise LOGO pattern and cartoon modeling, price concessions, is the ideal gift for the promotion activities of various enterprises.

2). The effect is diverse, the surface can be plane, 2D stereo, 3D three-dimensional, etc., can also be added transparent oil, made transparent, translucent, add fluorescent powder, made into luminous, add flavor, made scented, can also put on the compass, thermometer and other trinkets.

Home decoration applicable occasions to promote the application of a variety of industries, this product has a strong three-dimensional sense, colorful, feel very good, has a good visual effect, has a good decoration and advertising effect! 3). They are beautiful and generous in appearance, and the diversity of patterns is also derived from the rich imagination, its variety of patterns, heart-shaped, Christmas trees, butterflies, and all kinds of cartoons, all kinds of small animal shapes, very lifelike, very cute, elegant, is a fashion ornament, loved by boys and girls.

Products with soft, long service life, do not stimulate the skin and other characteristics, is in Europe and the US and other countries quite popular fashion jewelry, but also the best choice for new humans, so that you are cool!

Can be customized according to the size and shape you want, mold opening fee is generally not too expensive, jewelry store this material the most; disadvantages, color easy to become dull.

Acrylic That is, plexiglass, divided into imported materials and domestic materials, hollow and solid, is transparent, in the middle can be put color paper into; Acrylic hardness determines the degree of wear of the key buckle. Compared with traditional ceramic materials, acrylic in addition to the unparalleled high glossy degree, there are the following advantages: Good toughness, not easy to break, repair strong, as long as the use of soft foam dipping point toothpaste can wipe the sanitary ware a new, soft texture, winter no cold biting feeling; colorful, can meet the different taste of the pursuit of personality.

With acrylic production basin, bathtub, toilet, not only exquisite style, durable, but also has an environmental role, its radiation line and the body's own bone radiation degree is similar.

Zinc Alloy Zinc alloy is also one of the more malleable metals, the general surface by dripping oil paint or electroplating treatment to make the product more beautiful.

Surface treatment process is: polishing, paint (paint), soft enamel, printing, fuel injection, sand blasting, electroplating.