Making Custom Badge Process

- Sep 05, 2019-

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Paint Badge Making Process:

1, Etching

A specially formulated chemical acid, corroded, to make its words and patterns appear. Commonly used in employee badges, metal badges, badges, and nameplates.

2, Mold stamping

The badges for one-time stamping, die-casting, and injection molding, which have been developed and developed by skilled craftsmen, are used for the production of metal badges, logos, and high-grade badges. Often known as having a three-dimensional sense.

3, Beautifully printed

It is cut in machine-printed pattern, attached to metal or other materials, and the surface is then dropped. This process is often used in the high quality requirements of customers for delicate patterns, such as the gradient of color, the performance of layering, and the configuration of spot colors. Its style is elegant and chic, and it is deeply trusted by users.