How To Choose Straws For Environmental Protection And Recycling?

- Mar 16, 2021-

Straws are plastic products that almost everyone comes into contact with frequently, but maybe you have never thought about whether disposable plastic straws are harmful. There are too many pollution hazards in your life that you don’t know about, which are always hard to prevent.

Disposable plastic straws are generally made of chemical substances polyethylene and polypropylene. Although many straws are labeled as not containing bisphenol-based propane, the quality is difficult to guarantee, especially the straws used by some street vendors. Many of the inferior straws wholesaled by small workshops are made from waste plastics or even medical waste. They contain plasticizers, most of which do not meet national regulations, and contain large amounts of toxic substances that may cause cancer.

Stainless steel straw



Stainless steel straws are more common in the market, because they are resistant to fall and durable, many people prefer it.

Due to the difference in the material of stainless steel, the most common ones are the food grade "304" and the medical grade "316L", so remember to read the label on the package when you buy it. 304 is cheaper than 316L in price, but 304 itself is not acid resistant, so if you love coffee, it is better to use stainless steel straws.

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