FAQ Of Customer Customized Lapel Pins

- Mar 07, 2020-

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Q: Is the price listed on the website a custom price? What is the minimum order?

A: The price on the website is a symbolic price. The exact price is calculated according to specific requirements. The mold fee and edition fee are refunded if the order exceeds a certain amount. The sample fee is generally 100 pieces, which is lower than the minimum quantity. !!

Q: What format does the design draft require for custom guest products?

Answer: The design draft should provide original documents such as AI / CDR / PDF. If there is no original design, provide clear pictures.

Q: Does the mold fee include the proofing fee, and how many samples can be provided?

A: The mold fee is also the proofing fee. 2-3 samples are provided. If the amount is large, only 1 sample is provided. If the customer needs to add more samples (not more than 5), the sample fee will be charged separately according to the product unit price.

Q: How many days are proofing? How many days?

A: The proofing is generally within 7-10 days, depending on the complexity of the product design, and the large goods are generally about 12-20 days, depending on the quantity, such as expedited orders can increase the cost of expedited production.

Question: How do I know if the product you made is consistent with the design of the customer, can the mold be changed in the middle?

Answer: After receiving the mold fee, our company will arrange the mold technicians to draw 2D or 3D renderings to confirm to the customer. Before the mold is officially opened, the customer can propose amendments. If our company can achieve it technically, Modification of the mold plan; during the mold opening process, if the customer has confirmed the mold drawing, and then proposes a modification, the cost of redoing the mold will be borne by the customer.

Q: Can you invoicing, plus a few points for invoicing?

A: If the invoice can be invoiced, add 6 points to the general ticket and 14 points to the VAT invoice (the industry tax point is higher)

Q: Can you place an order online when paying? Can you do cash on delivery, can the balance be paid after receiving the goods?

A: Our payment method can be transferred by bank Alipay or other methods as a 30% down payment. The balance must be paid before shipment. Welcome to any inquiry of Metal Lapel Pin Badges!