Eight Common Metal Materials:1. Cast Iron-fluidity

- Mar 20, 2021-

Sewer covers are an inconspicuous part of our daily environment, and few people pay attention to them. The reason why cast iron has such a large and wide range of uses is mainly because of its excellent fluidity and its easy pouring into various complex shapes. Cast iron is actually the name of a mixture of multiple elements, including carbon, silicon and iron. The higher the carbon content, the better its flow characteristics during the pouring process. Carbon is here in the form of graphite and iron carbide.


The presence of graphite in cast iron gives the sewer cover excellent wear resistance. Rust generally only appears on the outermost layer, so it is usually polished. Even so, there are special measures to prevent rust during the casting process, that is, a layer of asphalt coating is added to the surface of the casting, and the asphalt penetrates into the pores on the surface of the cast iron to prevent rust. The traditional process of producing sand mold casting materials is now used by many designers in other newer and more interesting areas.

Material characteristics: excellent fluidity, low cost, good wear resistance, low solidification shrinkage, very brittle, high compressive strength, and good machining properties.

Typical use: Cast iron has a history of hundreds of years of application, involving construction, bridges, engineering components, household appliances, and kitchen appliances and other fields.

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