Custom Ashtray

- Mar 21, 2020-

Professionally customized ashtrays, personalized customization to better interpret your brand culture, and at the same time promote non-smoking support for environmental protection. In addition to having practical functions, the ashtray is also a kind of artwork, which has certain artistic appreciation value. In addition to the traditional shape of the ashtray, people also incorporate art into it. Making an ashtray is not only a tool, it can also be a work of art.

 There are a variety of choices in the shape, color and material of ashtrays. Although the ashtray of cast iron and alloy sets is clumsy, it is small and exquisite. With nostalgia as the theme, various classical totem reliefs are carved, showing exotic features.

Crystal, ceramic, wooden, and glass ashtrays have broken through the usual rigid style and started to change their faces. Gorgeous colors, dynamic pictures, and alternative ideas in modeling make them very fashionable and popular with the public.

Silicone ashtrays have become the development direction of the new generation of ashtrays with environmentally friendly materials, high temperature resistance, shock resistance and drop resistance, exquisite glue patterns, and strong plasticity.