Contactless Hygienic Door Opener Keychain

- Jun 05, 2020-

When the whole country is fighting against the epidemic and blocking the transmission route,a small number of people's behaviors make us angry and condemn human beings.For example, they will spitting, deliberately dirty elevator buttons, deliberately pollute the air, etc.

At the same time,we should protect ourselves and do a good job of self-protection.

SO it is everyone's responsibility to fight the epidemic.

When we go out shopping, it is inevitable that we will touch the objects in public places with our hands.

So at this time we need to use the Hygienic handle EDC door opener keychain to replace our hands to avoid direct contact with objects in public places.


1. Hygienic handle EDC door opener and stylus.

2. Handle that can prevent the infection of hygiene and delicate dirt.

3. You can take it with you to open the door and go out on the elevator without worrying about poor hygiene.

4. I am afraid that what others encounter is unhygienic. Our hygiene treatment will solve everyone's troubles.

5. Not only can you avoid touching and polluting yourself, but you can also reduce the risk of spreading dirty things.


♥️[Zero Contact] The door handle assistant can help you press the elevator button, pull the drawer handle / door handle, etc.

It is suitable for various environments and can effectively reduce direct contact with people or things.

♥️[Safety and environmental protection materials] Aluminum alloy material, practical, durable and safe.

♥️[Multifunctional]: Use the "sanitary hand" to press the button, move the chair, flush the toilet and carry shopping bags, etc.

♥️[Easy to use] Ergonomic design. Just open the lid and grab it or use one hand to press it very easily.

Keep your hands clean and do not damage the doors and buttons.

♥️[Wide application] Do not touch any objects in public places.