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- Nov 09, 2019-

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Company products: tinplate badge, acrylic badge, old comrades party medal, medal, school badge, employee badge, badge, medal, metal sign, nameplate, street sign, house number, enamel card, bronze medal, honor certificate, rules and regulations card, school culture wall chart The design and production of handicrafts and printed materials such as anti-cursor cards, PVC material cards, etc., provide quality products and wholehearted service for all **, enterprises, schools and schools. Welcome new and old customers to visit us!

The company has professional designers, the drawings are computerized, and can also be produced according to the drawings provided by customers.

The main products are: badge, painted badge, metal badge, printed epoxy badge, tinplate badge, zinc alloy badge, acrylic badge, advertising badge, cap badge, school badge, medal, number plate, commemorative coin, keychain, folding hanging Buckle, dog tag, aluminum lampshade, tie clip, cufflinks, refrigerator stickers, coasters, mobile phone chains, hair clips, bookmarks and other craft products.

For quotes, please provide the following information so that we can quickly and accurately quote

(1) Product design graphics or templates (vector, CDR or AI format documents)

(2) Product size, thickness, material, plating color

(3) Provide domestic color number or PANTONE color number

(4) Quantity and requirements for product production, etc.

Small knowledge Jinzhong badge badge maker manufacturer honor badge medal

Metal badges are generally raised metal, concave sand bottom, the bottom sand bottom can be made into various types of sand bottom such as coarse sand fine sand. The products are electroplated and painted, and there are various colors, such as gold, silver, nickel, patina, etc. Wait, this badge looks simple, is a good commemorative jewelry, logo jewelry.

Detailed description

(1) Materials: copper, zinc alloy, iron, aluminum, etc.

(2) Process: stamping, die casting, etch, color, soft enamel, baking varnish, silk screen, stickers, laser, etc.

(3) Surface treatment: gold plating, gold plating, gold plating, gold plating, silver plating, silver plating, silver plating, silver plating, white nickel plating, ancient nickel plating, nickel plating, and plating White nickel, black nickel plating, ancient tin plating, bronze plating, ancient bronze plating, red copper plating, ancient copper plating, chrome plating, pearl plating, etc.

(4) Size: a variety of sizes to choose from (to map custom processing)

(5) Color: according to international color card and Pantone color card

(6) Date of sample test: 7-10 days per model

(7) mold opening fee / sample fee / cost per board: 300-1000 RMB / section

(8) Whether the mold opening fee, sample fee and board fee are refunded: the number of orders placed is more than 5000

(9) Minimum order quantity per product: 1000

(10) Production delivery period: 5,000 items per item will be shipped within 8 days from the second day of receiving the deposit.

(11) Payment instructions: All payments are made to the goods and can be paid by online banking. Pay the board fee first, pay 30% deposit for big goods first

(12) Price Description: Tax excluding, excluding freight

(13) Price Tips: All customers have different shapes, sizes, LOGOs, functions, materials, colors, etc. These will affect the unit price. We will calculate the daily production volume by shape, specification, LOGO, materials and color. And then determine the most accurate unit price (the more colors, the larger the size, the more complex and expensive the LOGO;

Conversely, the color is small, the smaller the size, the simpler the LOGO is.) The specific price will vary slightly depending on the product (graphic complexity, product size, product order quantity), please contact us directly.

(14) How to get a quick quote: Please provide product artwork and related information, such as specifications, materials, process and packaging requirements, etc. We will calculate the reasonable price based on these, if you need to report the freight, you need to provide relevant information.

(15) Provide gift box packaging, the specific cost is separately quoted according to size and requirements