Gold Debossed Medals Military

The eye-catching 3D two-sided stars adorned medal and satin soft classic red/white/blue ribbon creates an exceptional piece for all ages.
Two-Sided Gold Medals are ambiguous and allow for recognition of any competition, activity, or race.
This item is perfectly suited as a gift with added small black velvet gift bag.
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GOLD AWARD MEDALS: This set includes 6x Olympic style gold medals representing the highest achievement for various types of competitive activities.

BEAUTIFULLY DESIGNED: These award medals are crafted of zinc alloy, intricately designed with floral borders and feature embossed in the center. The red, white, and blue neck ribbons are made of polyester.

SYMBOL OF ACHIEVEMENT: Reward your winners with the symbol of success and achievement.

PERFECT FOR ANY EVENT: Award of choice for party games, spelling bees, talent shows, relay races, animal shows, festivals, and even chili cook-offs!

DIMENSIONS: Medals measure 2.5 inches in diameter. Neck ribbon measures 30 inches in length.


* Beautiful 3D two-sided design

Size:3 inches

Weight: 3 oz


*Each Medal Comes With Attached Ribbon

Design: Red/White/Blue Soft Satin Material

Ribbon Length: 30 inches

Ribbon Width: 1.5 inches 


* Black Velvet Bag Is Included With Every Medal 

The Included Bag Adds a Unique Value No Other Seller Offers

Product Information

Product NameGold Debossed Medals Military
Medal Size30*1.5 inches
MaterialZinc alloy
Plating ColorGold
Item No.BSD0002

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1. Question: are they smooth of the back so we could put a sticker?

Answer: love to help you matey, but truth be told they have been distributed and it would be bad pool to break into someone's house for a look see. And I think they were as smooth as a baby's butt 

2. Question: what does the inscription translate to on the back of the medals?

Answer: I don't see any writing on the back on the picture. 

3. Question: Are these plastic or metal

Answer: metal. they are a good weight, have some heft in your hand - more substantial than I was expecting, but not too heavy. I recommend! 

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