Batman Bottle Opener Keychain

Batman Bottle Opener Keychain

Material:zinc alloy
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[Material] zinc alloy


This is a Batman bottle opener keychain, beautiful and practical, customizable LOGO, three colors are available, Welcome to customize.

Bruce Wayne was born in the wealthy family of Gotham, the Wayne family. One night, the young Bruce and his parents watched the movie "Zorro" and went home. When they passed a trail, they were robbed by gangsters. The gangster cruelly killed his parents in the face of Bruce.

Since then, Bruce has had a strong desire to eradicate sin by himself (in order not to let other people suffer the same tragedy as him). With his talents, he has used his decades to travel around the world, visiting top-level or legendary fighting masters in the East and West, learning martial arts fighting techniques, and using powerful financial resources to create a variety of high-tech equipment. Later in the day, he was the brainless rich second generation and playboy in the eyes of others; at night, he was the dark knight who made the criminals stunned - Batman.

Size: 7.6*3.5CM


Packaging: OPP bag or custom packaging


Plating color: gun black/ ancient bronze/ancient tin

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