What role does electroplating play in making badges!

- May 15, 2019-

Firstly, the technology of metal cladding with good adhesion, but different performance and matrix material, was deposited on metal badge products by electrolytic action first. Electroplating makes the surface of the badge hotter than the leaching layer evenly, generally thinner, ranging from a few microns to dozens of microns. Through electroplating, decorative protective and functional surface layers can be obtained on mechanical products, as well as workpieces that can repair wear and machining errors.

cat badge

In addition, according to the various badges electroplating needs also have different functions.

1. Coat of emblem copper plating: Bottom use, improve the adhesion capacity of electroplating layer, and corrosion resistance.

2. The badge is nickel plated: bottom use or appearance, improve corrosion resistance and wear resistance, (of which chemical nickel for modern process wear resistance more than chrome plating).

3. Badge Gold Plating: Improve the conductive contact impedance, enhance signal transmission.

4. Palladium plated Nickel: Improve the conductive contact impedance, enhance signal transmission, wear resistance higher than gold.

5. Tin-plated lead: improved welding capacity, quickly replaced by other alternatives (the majority of lead is now changed to bright tin and fog tin).