What is wire drawing?

- Oct 24, 2019-

Wire Drawing is a metalworking process. It is a surface treatment method that forms a line on the surface of the workpiece by grinding the product to provide a decorative effect. Since the surface wire drawing process can reflect the texture of the metal material, it has been favored by more and more users and more and more widely used.

wire drawing2

The wire drawing process can obtain a non-mirror-like metallic luster on the metal surface. It has a very strong decorative effect like silk satin. It is like giving ordinary metal a new vitality and life, so wire drawing has more and more market recognition and widely used in the construction industry, and there are elevator door panels, escalator trim panels, faucets, hinges, handles, lock trims, etc. In the construction hardware industry there has cabinets such as range hoods, stainless steel cookers, sinks, etc. Besides,the various 3C digital products that have emerged in recent years have pushed the application of wire drawing to the climax, such as notebook computer panels, keyboard boards, mobile phone panels, LCD frame, battery cover, camera protection slide, Digital camera lens slide cover, etc. There are other various electronic products such as Mp3, Mp4, DVD players, projectors, and so on. And the usual life of the wire drawing process is the lock, furniture, luggage accessories and other products.

wire drawing1

The wire drawing process is also classified, and is usually divided into straight wire and chaotic wire depending on the surface effect. Straight wire is also called hairline, and the wire is also called snow pattern. The difference in the type of wire has great subjectivity. Each user has different requirements for surface lines and different preferences for line effects. Some people think that hairline is good-looking, some people like snow patterns, some people like filaments, others like short silk. Due to the variety of the wire drawing effect, it is often difficult to describe and define it. Instead, the effect of drawing the line pattern is determined by determining the processing method of the wire drawing, the grinding product used, and the process parameters.