What is the role of the fridge magnet

- Oct 14, 2019-

The magnetic refrigerator sticker is the most used refrigerator sticker in the family. The main component is PVC material. This material should not be damaged, and it has strong ductility and high strength. After the shape of the PVC refrigerator is applied, a metal magnet or a rubber soft magnet is attached to the back of the PVC refrigerator. Then, the refrigerator stickers are generally used for decoration, but sometimes they also play a role in recording the amount of food in the refrigerator. In addition to magnetic refrigerator stickers, there are many magnetic stickers for home use.

The magnetic refrigerator looks like it is very simple, just stick it in a magnetic place. In fact, there are still many tips for using the refrigerator. 1. When purchasing a refrigerator sticker, pay attention to the length and width, depending on the cabinet door area of your home refrigerator. 2. It is best to choose an eco-friendly refrigerator sticker on the selection of materials. When purchasing, it is best to smell it with a pungent taste. It is best to choose a small or no smell. 3. Before attaching the refrigerator, you need to clean the surface, no dust or moisture, otherwise it will not stick well. Only paste it, it is best to use a clean cloth to gently squeeze on the top, to release the excess air bubbles inside.

In addition to the magnetic refrigerator stickers, there are some magnetic stickers that evolved from the refrigerator stickers. Thermometer refrigerator sticker: It uses the soft rubber underneath, the four-color printing film and the thermometer above the coated paper. This refrigerator sticker not only can decorate the refrigerator, but also can know the temperature of the room at any time. Magnetic photo frame: The soft plastic magnet is used, combined with the light film of the copper plate, to cut the size of the photo frame from the middle. This kind of photo frame can be directly attached to the place where there is iron, no need to punch holes in the wall, etc., which is easy to disassemble and move.