What is card holder?

- Sep 27, 2019-

Card holder, as the name suggests, is the box for storing business cards. The sizes are different, the styles are different, the materials are different, and the grades are different.

Its style is desktop-mounted and portable.

Among these business card cases, especially the wooden ones are special, and it is also a trend used in the future. It is especially suitable for business gifts and corporate gifts. Because the styles and materials are special, they are also popular.

wooden card holder

The history of Chinese people using business cards is very long. It can be traced back to the "name thorn" written by bamboo chips in the pre-Qin period. After a long period of more than two thousand years, the form, specifications and materials of business cards have not been unified. A more casual way to disseminate information has become an important tool in social situations.

Until the middle and late Qing Dynasty, many new things poured in. It is found that the business cards made of thick paper used by foreigners are of appropriate size and beautifully crafted. They contain information such as name, address, position, etc., and have a good self-introduction function. Prior to this, business cards were not easy to carry around. The foreign-style film is not only convenient to carry, but also easy for the recipient to store, so people quickly accepted the foreign-style film, and thus the card case is an accessory.

Because the birth of the business card case is not long, and it is also a small piece of items, it has often been ignored. However, with the heat of collections in recent years, some discerning players have turned their attention to some of the more unpopular collections. The appreciation of the business card holder has also been favored, and it has become a "potential stock" in the collecting market. The collection of business card holders has three elements: material, year and craft. The material is precious. The second is to identify the era of its own, if it is a modern product, there is not much collection value. The craftsmanship is exquisite and delicate, the layout of the pattern is exquisite, and the shape is complete as the basic premise of the collection.