What Is A Good Wine Label?

- Oct 07, 2019-

We live in the visual age, and wine is a product of taste and smell. The only visual element is the wine label, which attracts the attention of consumers. First of all, the wine label needs to meet strict legal standards. In general, small details such as alcohol content, production area and variety information should appear on the wine label. When these standards are met, the rest of the label may be the information the winery wants to convey.

When standing in front of a full array of wines, people definitely want to find the most distinctive one, and the most eye-catching ones are the wine labels, especially the good-looking, creative, and good quality labels. Most wine labels are designed to be unproductive, while some wine labels are divided into three categories - good, bad and ugly. Of course, these categories are more subjective, and we should not let the label affect our assessment of a wine. So, what makes a wine label stand out?

Let us start with ugly. Is the paper for the label very cheap? Are the fonts on the label stacked together? Is the color of the wine label uncoordinated? Is the printing of the wine label too dark or too light and affects reading? Is the image blurred? Is the wine label inconsistent with the packaging of the wine (the shape and weight of the bottle, the choice of the stopper, the tin cap for the bottle)? If many of your answers to these questions are "Yes", then the wine label in your hand is undoubtedly an ugly wine label.

Compared with the ugly wine label, the bad wine label is even more outrageous. Bad wine labels are often ugly. In addition to the most basic information, bad wine labels often fail to convey useful information. Many wineries use large sections of text to describe their enthusiasm, the special location of the vineyard, or the story of a large animal habitat that has nothing to do with the wine itself. In fact, the wine label should be more information about the wine in the bottle.


Having said that, so what elements should a good wine label have?

A good wine label should be beautiful. A clear and attractive wine label is not only dazzling in its own brand, but also stands out in a bunch of wines on retail shelves.

A good wine label should clearly present relevant information. People can see information about the wine on the back label. Most wineries do not update the details every year, because this will not only increase the workload, but also pass the government approval. However, if you really like a wine, it is also very interesting to know the production information of this wine, including information on vineyards, grape growing, vintages, clones, fermentation process and oak barrel management. The information is too numerous to mention. But whether this information clearly selected and clearly presented or not, which is one of the criteria for distinguishing between good wine labels and messy wine labels.

A good wine label should also give people a taste of the wine region's style. The above picture is a good example. It is based on the classic and simple Burgundy label. The pulp of the wine label, the elegant fonts and the subtle use of colours complement each other and are just right. The back label also clearly explains the source of the name of the wine, the details of the wine and the technical information, while not too cumbersome.