Usage of seahorse bottle opener

- Sep 28, 2019-

[Method of use]

1. Wipe the bottle clean, first use a knife along the mouth of the circle protruding part, cut open the bottle cap, pay attention to turn, do not spin the bottle, if it is old wine, the bottle bottom will have a normal precipitation, spin the bottle will let the precipitation float. Be very careful when dealing with tin bottle caps. They often leave sharp edges like razors. Your hand may accidentally touch them. Some countries produce wine bottle mouth will have to open the band, that is simple, tear open the band to be ok.

2. Table cloth or paper towel wipe the bottle mouth clean, if you find mold on the top of the cork, take it easy, a little mildew is normal, it does not mean the wine is bad, with a clean cloth to wipe the bottleneck on the line. In older bottles with lead LIDS, be particularly careful because small quantities of salts can react with lead to form toxic leadsalts.

3. At this point, insert the corkscrew tip into the center of the cork (if the drill is tilted, the cork is easy to be pulled off), then turn the upright auger clockwise to drill into the cork.

4. First, buckle the first movable joint on the mouth of the bottle and hold it tightly with your left hand; Then lift it straight up with your right hand.

5. Cork out half, then the second joint buckle bottle mouth, repeat the previous action.

6. Stop when you feel the cork coming out. Hold the cork with your hand and gently shake or turn it.