Type of Enamel

- Sep 28, 2019-

Type of Enamel

The types of badges are common badge classification methods according to their production process. The badges used in the badge making process are paint, enamel, imitation, stamping, printing, etc. We mainly introduce these badges. kind.

Type of badge one: paint badge

Paint features: bright colors, clear lines, strong metallic materials, can be made of copper or iron as raw materials, of which iron paint badge is cheap, if you have less budget, choose this is the most suitable! Apply a layer of transparent protective resin (Boli), this process is commonly known as "Epoxy" (note that because of the light refraction, the surface of the badge will be bright after the glue is applied), but the paint badge after the resin is lost. I feel a bump.

Type 2 of the badge: imitation badge

The surface of the imitation badge is flat. (Compared to the painted badge, the metal line on the surface of the badge is still a little raised with fingers.) The lines on the surface of the badge can be gold-plated, silver-plated and other metallic colors. A variety of imitation pigments are filled between the metal lines. The craftsmanship of the imitation badge is similar to the badge (the cloisonne badge). The difference between the imitation badge is that the badge uses different pigments (one is a true pigment, one is a synthetic pigment, and the other is a pigment). The craftsmanship is exquisite, the color of the surface is smooth, especially delicate, giving a very high-end luxury feeling, which is the first choice for the badge making process. If you want to make a beautiful and upscale badge first, please choose the imitation badge or even the badge.