The role of Fridge Magnet

- Mar 31, 2019-

Now the cute shape of the refrigerator sticker can also be used to decorate refrigerators or bookshelves and so on.

◇ As home decoration, in the refrigerator decoration, can also be displayed in the desk, wine cabinets, bar, such as any place you like.

◇ Built-in magnet refrigerator sticker, does not affect the overall beauty of the shape, can be maneuver adsorption in any magnet can be adsorbed on the home items above.

◇ Shop display, photography background, film and television props, stereo menus, hobbies collection ...

◇ There are important matters, convenient for you in the refrigerator to put a note to remind, to leave some warm quotes for the family is also very warm and romantic oh.