The meaning and way of wearing a metal badge

- Oct 09, 2019-

Metal badge as a light and compact jewelry, it can be as identity, brand identity, some important commemorative publicity and gift activities, also often wear badges as a way.

Master the correct way to wear the badge, not only related to your identity, but also related to your etiquette image.

Therefore, the wearing of the badge is a certain exquisite, let's talk about the way to wear the badge:

Often see activity participants wearing a conference badge, badge is a sign of identity difference, different professions and different social status to wear badges, or some students wearing a cartoon badge, you know not to know, also have exquisite, badge worn a badge worn by the right, not only embodies the identity of your logo, and embodies the etiquette image of you.

Badges are usually worn in the left chest position, but for example, some conference badges are worn on the collar of the suit, while the armband and collar badge have relatively fixed positions.

When wearing the badge to pay attention to the size and weight of the badge, such as the badge is larger and heavier requirements to increase the pin, in order to prevent the badge fell; A few small and light badge, can match magnet to stick, also avoided to leave thorn horse pinhole on the dress. 

When wearing the badge also pay attention to match the color of the clothes.

When pregnant women and children wear badges, try to use magnetic patches to avoid skin injury.

Develop a good badge wearing habit, make your every day full of wonderful.

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