Stoving Process of Metal Badge

- Sep 05, 2019-

The stoving badge is a kind of badge. The general production materials are copper, iron, zinc alloy, etc. Among them, the most used copper is relatively expensive, and the iron paint badge is the cheapest. The surface has obvious unevenness and good texture, which is suitable for the production of some medium and high-grade badges. 


1. The surface of the stoving badge can be coated with a transparent protective resin (Boli). The surface will be bright after the glue is applied.

Paint + Epoxy Badge

Paint + Epoxy Badge

Smooth, this painted badge can also be called a drop badge.

2. The stoving badge is bright, the lines are clear and bright, the metal texture is strong, and the price is slightly cheaper than the imitation badge and the badge. It is the first choice for making high-end badges.

3. Copper paint badges are widely used in company badges and some team's middle and high-level badges, as well as some collection badges.