Stainless steel crafts

- Mar 12, 2021-

Stainless steel crafts are crafts made mainly of stainless steel materials and supplemented by other materials.

Stainless steel crafts are also very special metal crafts. They are tough and resistant to corrosion. They will not turn black like silver metal, and will not cause allergies like copper metal crafts, let alone. The alloy metal contains lead and is toxicimage

Stainless steel crafts can permanently maintain their own color at room temperature, and are resistant to strong acids and alkalis, do not change color, do not fade, are not allergic, do not deform, are hard, and are bright, etc., and they will not have any side effects and no side effects on the human body. Harmful green handicraftsimage

With the development and progress of the industry, some auxiliary processes of stainless steel crafts have been gradually mechanized. The key processes that determine the artistic quality of products, such as tapping, filling, engraving, and bonding, are still completed by manual operations.

Stainless steel crafts commonly use 304 stainless steel, 304L stainless steel, and 316L stainless steel. Among them, 316L stainless steel is the most commonly used because its various properties are better than 304 stainless steel and 304L stainless steel.image

The design of stainless steel crafts is inspired by life, but it creates a value higher than life. It is the crystallization of people's wisdom and fully embodies the creativity and artistry of human beings.