Something about GOLF and GOLF TOOL

- Nov 01, 2019-

"Golf" originally meant "a good life in green spaces and fresh air." This can be seen from the English word GOLF: G-green; O-oxygen; L-light; F-friendship. It is a sport that combines the pleasures of nature, physical exercise and games.


Golf is a noble entertainment in a beautiful environment. Because golf equipment is expensive, it is called "aristocratic ball" in some countries. Golf is a ball sport that hits a ball with a stick. Today, golf has become synonymous with aristocratic sports.

Golf equipment mainly includes golf clubs, balls, sneakers, ball caps, gloves, clothing, and the like. The most important thing is the golf club. A good club can largely determine the user's ability. In addition to the necessary equipment for these golfers, there are some unknown gadgets. It plays a very good role in the use of golf.

On the one hand is the ball cap clip:


The cap clip is a kind of mark used to mark the position of the ball (the basic courtesy of golfing). It consists of 2 pieces: a round ball has a clip base underneath, and the cap is inserted directly into the ball. The logo is usually engraved with the company logo, or any other pattern.

On the other hand is the divot fork:

Divot Tools

The main role of divot tools is to repair the bullet marks caused by the golf ball on the green. The players will level the ball and make the greens flat, without affecting the other players' push routes.

Whether it's a ball cap clip or a divot fork, they are small items that are easily overlooked, but they play an important role in the sport of golf.