Metal badge, how much do you know about badge

- Oct 31, 2019-

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The metal badge is a material in the badge that is different from the traditional badge, but has some similar meanings. The following small series will tell you about the badge. A badge is a representative or symbol of a thing in an era. It must contain rich historical connotations behind it. The badge itself is a craft, so it is loved by more and more people. It has now become a popular collection, and badges are one of the essential items in the antique and flea market.

1. Badges can be mainly divided into badges according to their functions, such as school badge, company badge, company logo logo. Medals, countries or units give meritorious people as a symbol of honor. Commemorative medals are the most issued badges, such as Chairman Mao’s medals, badges for major events, and various celebration medals. Craft chapter, jewelry chapter, purely for the production of badges.

2, badges can be divided into engraving chapters, electroplating chapters, inlay chapters, casting chapters, etc. according to the production process. The badges are chronologically the early badges of the Republic of China before the early years of the Republic of China, the mid-term badges before and after the liberation, the Cultural Revolution badges and modern badges.

Round metal badge

3, badges can be divided into metal chapters, porcelain chapters, lacquered wood chapters, plastic chapters, electric wood chapters, etc.; metal badges are the most common, plastic badges are not wearable, wearing and collection have limitations. The badges made of stainless steel materials developed in recent years are thin, delicate in workmanship, accurate in color registration, bright in surface and not easy to corrode.

4, the bronze medal is generally a special medal, its characteristics are mellow, rough, expensive, especially the red copper texture, with a king style. The gold medal is the best of the badges, usually a limited number of badges issued for a special commemorative event. The smooth surface of the ceramic chapter is gorgeous, corrosion-resistant but brittle. Ceramic chapters are rare and generally have a high artistic and collection value. Bamboo sticks are excellent in terms of craftsmanship, texture and color. It is easy to chapped in the dry north of the climate.

5. Ways to obtain badges are to issue, receive, give, inherit, exchange, purchase, etc. The badge of modern meaning, some badges mainly used for jewelry, also called brooch, badge, lapel pin, pin and so on.

6, badge production process legend description: emblem, imitation stoving, baking varnish, bite plate, printing, stamping. Badge production process introduction, the most done several processes: baking varnish, imitation enamel, stamping, other processes - bite plate (etching), screen printing, offset printing, 3D effect. The concave part of the paint badge can be used in various colors, and the raised ones can be made of various gold plating, nickel plating and other metallic colors.

The above is about the introduction of the badge. We can find that the badge is indeed a very meaningful craft. It has a lot of materials and craftsmanship. It is very meaningful to choose a badge as a souvenir or a prize. I hope that the badge can be introduced. Help everyone better understand the badge.