Introduction to the ashtray

- Oct 05, 2019-

ashtray (13)

Also known as "smoke tank". A utensil used to hold soot and cigarette butts when smoking.

The history of the production and use of ashtrays has not been long, and it has only been more than 100 years. The reason why it can become a worldwide collection is not only because it has considerable potential for appreciation, but also because it more or less displays the culture, customs, and art of the various nations of the world.

The ashtray, also known as the ashtray, is also known as the name because it is used for soot and cigarette butts.

The ashtray is made of many materials, amazing, gold, silver, copper, iron, aluminum, tin, ceramic, glass, crystal, agate, stone, fossil, animal bone, wood, bamboo, pearl, shell, shell, and even Used bullets, grenades, shells, etc., a lot of things. The variety of shapes, but also vying for everything, everything, characters, flowers, animals, daily use, transportation, guns, ships, etc., and some also have ignition function, set the function of storing matches, cigarettes, etc. Creative ideas and fantastic ideas.

From a practical point of view, the cigarette case, the lighter and the ashtray accompanying the cigarette can be the image spokesperson of the man. Therefore, ashtrays as home accessories are self-evident.

From the perspective of appreciation, the pattern culture of the ashtray is a collection of world culture. Such as the ashtrays produced in Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, the United Kingdom and other countries, the patterns and shapes have many romantic colors filled with European Renaissance; the Egyptian women with Egyptian sphinx, camel group and can tops Ashtray, distinctive features, at a glance; Japan, South Korea's ashtray, antique style, beautiful and delicate patterns; China's cloisonne and purple sand ashtray, well-made, full of charm, very oriental art color.

The value of the collection value of the ashtray depends mainly on the material and production age, but whether the shape is peculiar and the function is diverse or negligible. For example, an ashtray with oriental characteristics has been sold for about 40 US dollars in the United States because it has the function of storing matches and cigarettes. For example, the American Irving Tire Company has used an tire as a material to make an ashtray. The cylinder is a tire. Cylinder surface, copper surrogate, although the appearance is rough, but at first glance, there seems to be a burning flame in the cylinder, as if there is a witch hidden in the tank, this tire-type ashtray is very popular, each selling price is up to 600 Dollar.