How to wear a brooch

- Aug 30, 2019-

       In the numerous adornment that promotes feminine temperament, the most effective certainly is brooch. We need to study the wearing of the brooch because some people may think that brooches are simply pinned to the chest.  In fact, the brooch also has a lot of innovative manner of wearing. As long as you are confident enough, the small brooch can also be unique!

   Here are some of the best ways to wear a brooch!

1.Side of the chest

      In the brooch wearing manual, the side of the chest is the most classic way to wear a brooch. From the royal family to the political arena, the brooch is almost a sign that these women present a noble and elegant temperament.

Side of the chest

Side of the chest

2. The middle of the neckline

     In addition to the side of the chest, wearing the brooch at the neckline will also present a completely different style. Not only does it embellish the monotony of the collar, but it also highlights the chic and the detail of the brooch!

The middle of the neckline

3. Positive chest position

      The brooch also presents a woman's sexy, wearing it in the position of the chest, especially the evening dress, which adds a sexy charm.

Positive chest position

4. Collar side

      Wearing a brooch on the side of the collar not only adorns the neckline, but it also makes the overall look new and unique.

Collar side

5. Waist side or middle

      As long as there is unlimited creativity, brooch can be worn in any position, it can also become an ornament in the waist. Worn between knits and shorts, the brooch not only shows a different way of wearing, but also makes the look fresh and unique.

Waist side or middle

     All in all, ladies who love brooches stop wearing them in one style. There are so many way to wear brooches and it's worth learning!