How to distinguish paint and enamel

- Mar 05, 2020-

First, different enamels use copper as the raw material. The paint can be selected from copper, iron, and aluminum. The coloring materials used are different. The imitation enamel uses a color paste and the paint uses colored paint. The concentration ratio varies from time to time.

Second, the production process is different. Imitation enamel is first colored, baked, polished, and electroplated; the baking paint process is first polished, electroplated, then colored, and baked. The baking temperature is different.

Third, the surface of the finished product is different. The surface of the imitation enamel is smooth, the lacquer is uneven, and the metal lines or metal surfaces are raised. The imitation enamel badge pattern or text and color are basically on the same plane. It feels slightly raised with your fingers, but There is a clear difference from the bumpy feel of the paint badge. It should be reminded that the paint process badge will be smooth after adding Polly. Discrimination skills; those who have added Polly will have the reflection and reflection of light.

Fourth, the market price is different Imitation enamel badges belong to higher-level badges, the price is more expensive than the paint badges. Painted badges have different prices depending on the material used. Like iron painted badges, the price is very affordable and many people choose.