Epoxy process

- Oct 07, 2019-

Epoxy process

Epoxy epoxy resin Epoxy is composed of high-purity epoxy resin, curing agent and other modifications. The cured product has the characteristics of water resistance, chemical resistance and crystal clearness. It can protect the surface of the craft product well, increase the surface gloss and brightness, and further increase the surface decoration effect.

Operational step editing

1. First prepare the necessary utensils and equipment such as weighing equipment, adjusting equipment, work vehicle, drying equipment, and the work to be dispensed.

2, put the balance scale (or electronic scale), oven, work vehicle, work surface or adjust the level.

3, use a dry, clean wide-mouth flat-bottomed container (with) to weigh A glue, and weigh B glue according to the ratio (usually 3:1 weight ratio, volume ratio is 2.5:1)

4. Use a round glass rod (or round stick) to stir the AB mixture left and right or in a counter-clockwise direction. At the same time, the container (with) should be tilted at an angle of 45° without stopping. Continue stirring for about 1-2 minutes. can.

5. Put the stirred AB mixed glue into a soft plastic bottle with a pointed mouth for dispensing.

6. When the area of the glue is slightly larger or the amount of glue is more, in order to accelerate the elimination of air bubbles in the glue, a lance with liquefied gas as fuel can be used to ignite and defoam. When the bubble is defoamed, the flame of the musket should be adjusted to a complete combustion state. And the flame is preferably kept at a distance of about 25cm from the surface of the work object, and the walking speed of the musket can not be too fast or too slow, and the proper speed can be maintained.

7. After the bubble is completely eliminated, the work can be moved into the oven in a horizontal manner to warm and solidify. The temperature should be first baked at 40 ° C for 30 minutes and then raised to 60 ° C - 70 ° C until the glue is completely cured. (Please refer to the relevant information of the company for various glue curing conditions)

8, if the effect of the Epoxy is strict, it is recommended to let the work of dripping glue to be naturally dry.