Difference between a badge and a nameplate

- Nov 05, 2019-

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Here is a detailed description of the difference between the badge and the nameplate:

A badge is generally a sign worn on the body to indicate identity and occupation. It has a long history and its origins can be traced back to the totems of the primitive social clan tribes.

The nameplate is a type of signboard or small signboard that is hung or chained to the left of the top. Most badges worn on suits, formal wear, and suits serve as an introduction unit.

Different use

Custom nameplates are mainly used for a valid identification label for employees' jobs and types of work.

Custom badges are often used for corporate unified image recognition, such as major celebrations and business events.

Applicable industry

The nameplate is mostly applicable to the tertiary industry, such as service staff, store clerk, enterprise occupation division, job type distribution, etc.

Most of the badges are crowned with image logos, such as corporate badges and association logos. Most suitable for association groups, institutional centers, large enterprise groups, business activities, etc.

Different in name

Nameplates are often referred to as employee badges, employee badges, employee work cards, employee badges, etc., such as hotel staff badges.

The badges are called emblems, corporate badges, event badges, medals, etc.

Different production process

Most of the nameplates are ordinary craftsmanship, such as acrylic badges.

The badges require more stamping, such as high-end commemorative badges, industry association emblems, etc., such as the membership badge.

Different grades

In the real business negotiations, many customers are indeed attracted by the exquisite pattern expression techniques and fine craftsmanship of the badges, so often in the real world, mistakenly think that the badge is high-end.

The nameplate is not upscale, the badge works well, and the nameplate is simple to work. In fact, this is a misunderstanding. Good badges are not necessarily inferior to a badge in design, material selection, etc.

Different shape

The nameplates are mostly rectangular, square, oval, and round.

Badges are often seen in different shapes, and the shape is determined according to the shape of the logo.