Custom Metal Cufflink Color Matching

- Sep 21, 2019-

Custom Metal Cufflink Color Matching

◆First, the cufflink color is very important.

Crystal glass sleeve

Crystal glass cufflinks are best worn with white shirts because of their transparency;

Gold cufflinks

Red shirt with gold cufflinks, gorgeous and stylish;

A dark twill pink shirt with a twill-gold-encrusted purple cufflinks creates a romantic French gentleman's style;

The horizontal strip shirt with the golden V, the feeling of vitality, adds a delicate and romantic to the serious and serious shape of your successful person;

The blue shirt with gold cufflinks has a powerful and convincing power.

Silver cufflinks

Black, white and grey shirt with silver cufflinks for calm and noble effect

◆Second, when your occasion is different, cufflinks are also very particular, and should also change according to the changes in the occasion!

If you want to attend a large fashion banquet or reception, gold is definitely your best choice:

At a friend's wedding reception:

This vintage Chinese knot cufflink is very fashionable and stylish.

When an emergency meeting is held:

White shirt, best with low-key edging white cufflinks

When dealing with your partner, when you socialize