Cuff usage Restrictions

- Feb 03, 2019-

If you don't look at it from a historical point of view, but from a practical point of view, you can choose cufflinks as long as you want to be more eye-catching in detail. As a formal menswear, it is actually quite rigid and has barely developed for decades (researchers have taken out the style of the suit decades ago with the style of today's suits to find someone to tell, and few have been able to distinguish which one is in the back).

And with women can use a lot of jewelry decoration, in contrast, men's formal clothes in addition to a tie can be turned over, only tie clips, cufflinks and other few parts can show the personality. Unfortunately, the tie clip is not quite accepted by the French gentleman. And the size and shape of the cuff has become a better performance platform, the number of cufflinks can also add some variables to the design (such as the left and right hand different but the corresponding design). It is also important that the cufflinks are hidden on the edge of the cuffs, unlike the tie clips that exist in the focal point of the central vision of the tie, so that they appear more implicit and introverted.

Even if the cuff design is more fancy, it will not lead to damage to the image. Of course, there is a limit to the use of cufflinks, which is to wear a shirt with a French double-stacked cuff.

Although there are now manufacturers to introduce dual-use cuffs, can be used buttons, can also be extra with cufflinks, but it is not recommended to choose such cuffs, because such cuffs are single-stack design, hardness is not as good as double stack, it is difficult to show the unique style of French cuffs. So what is the unique style of French cuffs, in addition to the double stack, the most important thing is the method of buckle. The cuffs that use buttons are annular buckles, and if the cuffs are touched by the shade, and the other side is called sunny, then the cuffs that use the buttons are one side of the shade that is in contact with the sunny on the other side and fixed. And the French cuffs are different, is the cuff on both sides of the shade contact with each other, so it is not a ring, but a little  "6" type of effect. And the use of cufflinks, is to connect the cufflinks  "button " part of the needle from the cuff on the back of the hand to wear, and then from the palm of the side of the cuff to wear out, and fixed.

In this way to ensure that your hand is in the most natural palm down state, cufflinks  "button " part instead of  "needle " part can be displayed.

Of course, if you are using the cufflinks of the next of kin  "Cuff chain " That is known as  "double button " Things, then it does not matter, both sides are also  "button ", your hand in any state can be  "button " show.

At present, the sales of cufflinks are mainly concentrated in two places, one is high-end shopping malls, is the mainstream purchase place of cufflinks, the price is generally around the 500--3000 yuan; one is the wholesale market, more than 10 yuan of crude cufflinks. It should be noted that cufflinks in Western countries have been extremely mature, become a very important clothing accessories for men, its sales channels are also diversified development.