A little knowledge of bottle stopper

- Aug 27, 2019-

 Bottle stoppers are generally referred to as wine stoppers. It keeps red wine fresh and stored.The wine stopper uses the principle of vacuum extraction to make the wine in a vacuum state, so as to achieve the effect of wine preservation and storage. A good wine stopper should be leak-proof and be able to draw air out of the bottle with only a few strokes. Besides the wine stopper must be made of food-grade material, otherwise it may affect the quality of the wine.

 There are natural corks, synthetic corks, screw caps and glass corks in common wines on the market.

 The wine with the longest history is natural cork, which has been used for thousands of years. It is made from the bark of oak (and a few other trees, too). But it has a fatal flaw. It gives wine a bad cork taste.This putrid taste eats away at the fruit and floral notes, leading to a bland taste.

natural cork

 Synthetic cork, a rubber product, is a common substitute for traditional cork. However, because it only holds the antioxidant value of wine for a short time (about 18 months), it should be consumed as soon as possible after bottling. Sometimes it leaves a taste of chemical rubber on the wine, so it is not very functional for the user or the drinker.

Synthetic cork

 Screw caps can achieve good sealing effect of bottle mouth, greatly eliminate manufacturers and buyers of "wood plug taste" and oxidation concerns. The famous Hogue Cellars ;conducted a 30-month study comparing the effects of natural oak, synthetic and screw stoppers.The results showed that the screw cap had a complete advantage over the first two. While it takes away the romance of opening a bottle of wine, it retains the quality of the wine.

Screw caps

 Glass stopper is made of glass and a rubber ring on the inside, avoiding the oxidation of the wine and the contamination of the cork taste. However, because of the high cost it can not be promoted on a global scale.