21st century Keychain Jewelry sells culture

- May 10, 2019-

① The Inner personality culture

With the advent of the network information Age, people's access to information has become more and more convenient, along with the growth of this information tide 90 births has become the mainstream of current consumption.

They pursue fashion, personality, brand "I like", advocating "I have my style", they have a strong ability to accept new things, like to follow the fashion, fresh, cutting-edge consumer trends, value the boast of products, symbolic, many products of their own core functions have become a secondary factor. Therefore, the pursuit of individuality, novelty is the most important element in the demand of modern keychain jewelry.

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In such a trend, a large number of brands in line with the times, in the introduction of products at the same time, but also for the product packaging out of their own character.

The external design culture of ② Keychain Jewelry is a cultural product with historical taste. Therefore, now more and more key buckle jewelry designers attach great importance to the key buckle jewelry plus cultural color, but also more and more key buckle manufacturers began to play "carry forward the key buckle jewelry culture" sign. Oriental, Western, ancient, modern, art, nostalgic ...

More and more cultural elements are cleverly embedded in the design, they tirelessly use keychain jewelry as a carrier of culture, and strive to inadvertently show their own unique cultural taste. Now, China's modern popular keychain jewelry has entered the period of integration of ancient and modern cultures. When the reform and opening up into the 21st century, people from the simple follow the trend to the present leading trend, from the blind worship of famous brands to the prevalence of personality keychain jewelry, from the previous simple buy affordable to the present buying culture, all reflect the replacement and progress of the times. The 21st century is the era of publicity personality, but also the era of self-awareness awakening.