Laser Shark Shape Blank Cufflinks

Material: Zinc alloy
Size: 16*16mm
Weight: 25g
Color: Silver
Craft: Plating
Logo: Custom design
Packaging: 1 pc/opp bag, bulk packing
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Product Details

◢Description Details

Product Item: Laser Shark Shape Blank Cufflinks

Size: 16*16mm

Plating Color: Silver

Occasion: Gift, party, meeting, wedding

Craft: Electroplate, printing

Packing: 1pcs/opp bag

◢Cufflinks Meaning

The cufflinks are used on the special cufflinks shirt instead of the cufflinks. Its size is almost the same as that of the ordinary buttons. However, because of the exquisite material and shape, it is more of a decorative effect. Inadvertently, let Men's original monotonous dresses and suits became high-end atmosphere.

◢Produciton Images


When the man is standing, please develop the habit of buckle the suit. Because when you are speaking and gestures, the suit will not run around with your body, and the overall line will look more clean and neat. 

If the suit has only one button, please buckle it directly; a single-row two-button suit will only buckle the button above;

If it is a single-row three-button suit, you can only buckle the middle one, you can also buckle The first and second buttons above. 

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